Compatibility mode in System Center Updates Publisher 3.0 provides the ability to export software updates to a catalog that is compatible with both Updates Publisher and the Custom Updates Publishing Tool that was released with Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003 R2. When compatibility mode is enabled, additional languages that were introduced in the Updates Publisher schema are removed during the export process. Therefore, catalogs can then be created that will support both SMS 2003 R2 and System Center product schemas.

The information in this topic applies only to System Center Updates Publisher 3.0.

Exporting Expired Software Updates

The Expire attribute was added to the Updates Publisher schema to provide the ability to expire previously published software updates. When compatibility mode is enabled in Updates Publisher, expired software updates are not allowed to be exported. As a result, unwanted software updates will not be published into the production environment.


When creating software updates in Updates Publisher, localized titles and descriptions can be added for any language supported by Windows Server Update Services 3.0. The Custom Updates Publishing Tool schema supports only Chinese (Simplified), English, French, German, and Japanese. If software updates contain a localized title and description for any other language, the title and description will be removed during the export process.

Deprecated Rules

The Registry Binary Value rule and the Digest attribute in the File Exists rule have been deprecated and are no longer supported in software update definitions even when Updates Publisher is in compatibility mode. The deprecated rules must be removed from the software update definitions before they can be published or exported.

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