Use the Create Rule dialog box in System Center Updates Publisher to create new rules. To open the Create Rule dialog box, click Create from the Manage Rules dialog box.

This dialog box contains the following elements:

Create Basic rule

Specifies to use the basic rule category, which is used for prerequisite, applicability, or installed verification depending on the rule type. There are over 20 rule types available for basic rules. For more information, see Basic Rules.
Create MSI rule

Specifies to use the MSI (Windows Installer) rule category, which is used most often for prerequisite verification because Windows Installer-based updates auto-populate applicability and installed rules for verification. Windows Installer rules check for a specific software update, product, component, or feature. For more information, see MSI Rules.
Use existing rule

Specifies to use a previously created rule. The properties for the rule can be modified, if required.
Rule Type

Specifies the type of rule for the specified category. There are over 20 rule types for basic rules and several more for Windows Installer rules. Select the rule type from the drop-down list. For more information about each rule type, see Updates Publisher Rules.
Not rule

Specifies to create the rule with the NOT operator. When a Not rule is evaluated, the logical result is reversed. Therefore, a rule that would normally return TRUE now returns FALSE and vice versa. For more information, see Not Rules.

Specifies the properties for the selected rule type. The required field indicator displays for the properties that are required for the rule type.
Save your rule as

Specifies to save the rule with the configured name. Saved rules can be used when creating or modifying software update definitions by selecting the Use existing rule option.

Saves the changes and exits the dialog box.

Exits the dialog box without saving any changes.

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