During the software updates catalog import process in System Center Updates Publisher, the Catalog Validation - Security Warning dialog box displays for all unsigned and signed catalogs that are not configured to be automatically accepted.

Catalog files from untrusted publishers can potentially harm client computers when scanning for updates. Accept catalogs only from trusted publishers.

This dialog box contains the following elements:


Click the Publisher name to view details about the certificate used to sign the catalog.
Always Accept Catalog from Publisher

Specifies to always accept new catalogs from trusted publishers. When this option is selected, all catalogs created by the publisher are automatically accepted. This option is available only for signed software updates catalogs. The publisher is added to the trusted publishers list when this option is selected.
Ask me every time

Specifies to display the Catalog Validation - Security Warning dialog box every time a software updates catalog is imported. This option is available for signed and unsigned catalogs and is the default option.
Tell Me More

Opens a Web site that provides more information about the dialog box.

Specifies that the software updates catalog is trusted and to import it into the Updates Publisher.
Don't Accept

Specifies to reject the software updates catalog file and not import it into the Updates Publisher.

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