The Settings dialog box in System Center Updates Publisher contains the Import List, Update Server, Data Source, Trusted Publishers, and Advanced tabs. Use these tabs to configure the automatic updates and import locations for software updates catalogs, enable and configure publishing to an update server, set the database location for Updates Publisher, remove publishers that are no longer trusted, configure whether to check for certificate revocation for the digital certificate used to sign published software updates, and configure whether the per-user MSI warning message is displayed.

The following sections provide information for configuring the publishing tool settings.

In This Section

About Updates Publisher Compatibility Mode

Provides information about compatibility mode in Updates Publisher.
How to Manage the Catalogs in the Import List

Specifies how to manage the software updates catalogs that are in the import list.
How to Configure the Update Server

Specifies how to enable and configure the update server to specify where software updates are published.
How to Configure the Data Source for Updates Publisher

Specifies how to configure the Updates Publisher database server location.
How to Remove Trusted Publishers

Specifies how to remove trusted publishers that were added while running the Import Software Updates Catalog Wizard.
How to Enable Certificate Revocation

Specifies how to enable certificate revocation checking for the certificate that digitally signs published software updates.
How to Disable the Per-User MSI Warning

Specifies how to disable the per-user MSI warning message when selecting MSI rules while creating software update definitions.
How to Re-Sign Software Updates

Specifies how to re-sign software updates with the latest digital certificate.
How to Enable Compatibility Mode for Updates Publisher 3.0

Specifies how to enable compatibility mode.

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