The Create Update Wizard in the System Center Updates Publisher enables you to create new software update definitions and the Modify Update Wizard enables you to modify existing definitions. Each wizard configures the software update information, defines the rules associated with the update, and configures the software update type.

System Center Updates Publisher 4.0 supports updates that have dependencies, such as drivers and bundles, but these updates cannot be created or modified.

The wizard pages are described in the following table.

Wizard Page Description

Update Information Page

Specifies general information about the software update definition.

Extended Properties Page

Specifies extended property information about the software update definition.

Define Prerequisite Rules Page

Specifies high-level rules that verify whether a scanned computer meets the prerequisites for the software update.

Select Package Page

Specifies the software update location information, software update installation type, success codes for the update, and command-line options.

Define Applicability Rules Page

Specifies the rules that verify that the software update is applicable on a scanned computer.

Define Installed Rules Page

Specifies the rules that verify whether the software update is already installed on a scanned computer.

Summary Page

Provides a summary of the properties configured in the wizard.

Progress Page

Displays the current task and progress when the software update is being created.

Confirmation Page

Displays a summary of the properties associated with the software update.

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