Running older versions of Updates Publisher, such as the Custom Updates Publishing Tool, and System Center Updates Publisher on the same computer is not supported. When a previous version of Updates Publisher is detected during Setup, the previous version of the publishing tool is removed, the new Updates Publisher files are installed, and the mscuptdb database is upgraded to the System Center Updates Publisher schema. The user settings from the previous version of the publishing tool are maintained.

Exporting Catalogs Compatible with Previous Versions

Updates Publisher 3.0 provides a setting to enable compatibility mode when exporting software updates to catalogs. The catalog will be compatible with both Updates Publisher and previous versions, but there are some limitations. When Updates Publisher imports catalogs that have been exported in compatibility mode, some localized properties for the software update title and description might be removed. For more information, see About Updates Publisher Compatibility Mode.

The compatibility mode setting is available only in System Center Updates Publisher 3.0.

Deprecated Rules

Because of the schema changes in System Center Updates Publisher, the Registry Binary Value rule and the Digest attribute in the File Exists rule is no longer supported in software update definitions. The deprecated rules must be removed from the software update definitions before they can be published or exported. When the Edit action is taken on a software update definition, the Modify Update Wizard detects the existence of any deprecated rules in the definition and automatically removes the rules before it opens. Completing the wizard saves the software update definition without the deprecated rules and the software update definition can then be published or exported.

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