The Export Wizard in System Center Updates Publisher provides the ability to export specified software updates, or all updates with the publish flag set, to a cabinet (CAB) file that can be imported by other publishing tools. In Updates Publisher 3.0 and Updates Publisher 4.0, it can also be used to export a test catalog Extensible Markup Language (XML) file for testing. The Export Wizard in System Center Updates Publisher can be opened from any node or software update in the Updates Publisher console.

System Center Updates Publisher 4.0 added support for updates that have dependencies, such as drivers and bundles. During the export process for these updates, the update and its dependencies are exported. Updates with dependencies that are not in the local Updates Publisher database can be exported, but a warning message might display before the export process completes. Updates with dependencies cannot be exported for testing.

The wizard pages are described in the following table.

Export Wizard Page Description

Specify Export Type Page

Specifies to export software updates to a CAB file. Updates Publisher 3.0 and Updates Publisher 4.0 also provide an option to create a test catalog XML file.

Specify Export Path Page

Specifies the export location for where Updates Publisher creates the software updates catalog.

Specify Export for Test Path Page

Specifies the folder in which Updates Publisher creates the software updates test catalog and copies the scan tool, schema files, and a script with the appropriate command-line parameters.

Summary Page

Provides a summary of the properties configured in the wizard.

Progress Page

Displays the current task and progress for exporting the software updates to a catalog.

Confirmation Page

Displays a summary of the properties associated with the exported software updates.

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