To publish software updates in System Center Updates Publisher, at least one software update must be flagged for publishing in the Updates Publisher console, and the update server and digital certificate used to sign the software updates must be specified in the Settings dialog box.

Updates Publisher 4.5 adds the ability to publish only software updates metadata, and when setting the publish flag, you must choose whether to publish the full content (software update metadata and update file) or only the software update metadata. For more information about the publishing types, see Publishing Software Updates.

System Center Updates Publisher 4.0 supports updates that have dependencies, such as drivers and bundles. When one of these updates is flagged for publishing, a check for the dependencies is performed. When one or more dependencies are not found in the Updates Publisher database or the update ID for the dependency is not listed in the SpecialWellKnownIDs.xml file on the Updates Publisher computer, a warning message displays. After you close the message, the update is then flagged for publishing. For more information about the SpecialWellKnownIDs.xml file, see How to Modify the SpecialWellKnownIDs.xml File.

Updates Publisher no longer supports software update definitions using the Registry Binary Value rule and the Digest attribute in the File Exists rule. Software update definitions that use these deprecated rules must be modified before the publish flag can be set.

For more information about configuring the update server setting and configuring the certificate store on the update server, see How to Configure the Update Server.

Use the following procedure to set the publish flag on a software update.

To set the publish flag on a software update

  1. In the Updates Publisher console tree pane, select an Updates Publisher product node.

  2. Select one or more software updates that need to be published, right-click the updates, and then click Set Publish Flag. A green publish flag icon is displayed in the Publish column of the Results pane for software updates that have the publish flag set.

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