The search filter appears above the results pane in the upper center area of the System Center Updates Publisher console. The search filter provides the ability to limit the number of software update attributes displayed in the results pane. The search filter contains the elements described in the following table.

Item Description

Look for

Specifies the value to be filtered on in the software update attribute selected in the Search In list box. The following wildcard characters are available to use when searching:

  • % (percentage): Specifies 0 (zero) or more wildcard characters. For example, if using % updates for the Look for value and Type for the Search In attribute, all software updates with the Critical Updates, Security Updates, and Updates type display.

  • _ (underscore): Specifies a single wildcard character. For example, if using 02/__/07 (two underscores side by side) for the Look for value and Creation Date for the Search In attribute, all software updates that were created in February of 2007 display.

Search In

Specifies the software update attribute to filter on the value entered in the Look for text box.

Find Now

Filters the software updates displayed in the results pane based on the value and attribute specified in Look for and Search In.


Clears the filter and displays all software updates for the product selected in the console tree pane.

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