RegionalOverrides specifies sets of apps that appear on the Start and Lock screens for different regions.

Each regional override can be used for multiple regions. For example, you could add a set of apps that are designed for South American business travel that only appear for your users in South America.

Your user’s region can be selected by the user during OOBE, or can be specified with Microsoft-Windows-International-Core\UserLocale.

If the selected region matches a region in Windows-Shell-Setup\StartMenu\RegionalOverrides\RegionalOverride\Regions\Region, then Windows displays the set of apps from that regional override. The set of apps is specified by Microsoft-Windows-Shell-Setup\StartTiles\RegionalOverrides\RegionalOverride: WideTiles, SquareTiles, and LockScreen.

If the selected region doesn’t match any of these regions, then Windows displays the set of apps from Microsoft-Windows-Shell-Setup\StartTiles: WideTiles, SquareTiles, and LockScreen.

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Specifies a set of apps that appear on the Start screen for different regions.

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For a list of the Windows® editions and architectures that this component supports, see Microsoft-Windows-Shell-Setup.

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