OEMWelcomeCenterLinks contains settings for shortcuts that appear as tasks in the OEM First Run application Jump List.

This setting has been deprecated in Windows® 8. The information about this deprecated setting is provided for reference only. The OEM First Run application is not available in Windows 8.

Each of the settings under OEMWelcomeCenterLinks specifies the complete path and the file name of a shortcut file with a .lnk file name extension. The path to the shortcut file must refer to a location on the destination computer.

Each shortcut file must include the complete path of a corresponding program, Web page, or document.

We recommend that you do not add the shortcut by using the environment variable: %USERPROFILE%. Shortcuts added by using %USERPROFILE% are applied only to the profile of the next user to log on to the computer. Also, if the setting is applied during the auditUser configuration pass, the shortcut is applied only to the temporary administrator account, which is removed after the computer exits audit mode.

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Specifies the path to the first shortcut.


Specifies the path to the second shortcut.


Specifies the path to the third shortcut.


Specifies the path to the fourth shortcut.


Specifies the path to the fifth shortcut.


Specifies the path to the sixth shortcut.


Specifies the path to the seventh shortcut.


Specifies the path to the eighth shortcut.


Specifies the path to the ninth shortcut.


Specifies the path to the tenth shortcut.

Valid Configuration Passes




Parent Hierarchy

Microsoft-Windows-Shell-Setup | OEMWelcomeCenterLinks

Applies To

For a list of the supported Windows® editions and architectures that this component supports, see Microsoft-Windows-Shell-Setup.

XML Example

The following XML output shows how to set a group of First Run shortcuts in the OEM First Run application Jump List.

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   <Link0>%SystemDrive%\Fabrikam\Welcome\View license agreement.lnk</Link0>
   <Link1>%SystemDrive%\Fabrikam\Welcome\Register your new Fabrikam computer.lnk</Link1>
   <Link2>%SystemDrive%\Fabrikam\Welcome\Set up an Internet connection.lnk</Link2>
   <Link3>%SystemDrive%\Fabrikam\Welcome\Install an Antivirus program.lnk</Link3>
   <Link4>%SystemDrive%\Fabrikam\Welcome\Back up your data.lnk</Link4>
   <Link5>%SystemDrive%\Fabrikam\Welcome\Get tools from the Fabrikam Download Center.lnk</Link5>
   <Link6>%SystemDrive%\Fabrikam\Welcome\Purchase accessories for your Fabrikam computer.lnk</Link6>
   <Link7>%SystemDrive%\Fabrikam\Welcome\Extend your warranty.lnk</Link7>
   <Link8>%SystemDrive%\Fabrikam\Welcome\Learn about other Fabrikam products.lnk</Link8>
   <Link9>%SystemDrive%\Fabrikam\Welcome\Send feedback to Fabrikam.lnk</Link9>

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