Key specifies the name for the dedicated IP address. The name is specified as an attribute in the IpAddress.

  • This XML attribute does not appear in the Properties pane of Windows® System Image Manager (Windows SIM) until you add this IPAddress to the answer file.

  • The value for Key is added to the answer file as an attribute of the IpAddress element. The attribute wcm:keyValue is used to identify multiple IP address list items. For example, you can specify three different IP addresses by using the Key values of Ip1, Ip2, and Ip3.



Specifies the name for the dedicated IP address.

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For the list of the supported Windows editions and architectures that this component supports, see Microsoft-Windows-NetworkLoadBalancing-Core.

XML Example

The following XML output specifies the name of the IP address as "Ip1".

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<IpAddress wcm:keyValue="Ip1">

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