Sensor contains the settings to enable or disable a class or type of sensor.

The lists of sensor categories and types are available at the MSDN site: Sensor Categories, Types, and Data Fields.

Child Elements


Specifies whether the class or type of sensor is enabled.


Specifies a class or type of sensor.


Specifies whether the sensor is from the list of sensor categories or sensor types.


Specifies the order in which the sensor is modified, when more than one sensor is scheduled to be modified. This setting is required even if you modify only one sensor.

Valid Configuration Passes


Parent Hierarchy

Applies To

For a list of the supported Windows® editions and architectures that this component supports, see Microsoft-Windows-MobilePC-Sensors-API.

XML Example

The following example XML output shows how to specify that all motion sensors are enabled, except for speedometers. In this example:

  • The GUID: {CD09DAF1-3B2E-4C3D-B598-B5E5FF93FD46} and the GUID classification: Category map to the sensor category: motion sensors.

  • The GUID: {6BD73C1F-0BB4-4310-81B2-DFC18A52BF94} and the GUID classification: Type map to the sensor type: speedometer.

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  <Sensor wcm:action="add">
  <Sensor wcm:action="add">

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