The following procedure describes how to add a device driver path to an answer file by using Windows® System Image Manager (Windows SIM).

This device-driver path is used to process additional out-of-box device drivers during Windows Setup. Out-of-box device drivers can be copied to a Windows image during the windowsPE configuration pass. In this configuration pass, you can add boot-critical drivers to a Windows image before that image is installed.

You can add more drivers to the Windows installation during the auditSystem configuration pass.

When you select a driver path, you select a folder that contains one or more .inf drivers. The folder path is added to the answer file and, during an unattended installation, is referenced to find all drivers in the path and install them.

You can add only .inf drivers to a Windows image by using this procedure. You must install drivers that are packaged as a .exe file or other file types on a running Windows operating system.

To add a device-driver path to an answer file

  1. Open Windows SIM.

  2. Create or open an answer file. For more information, see Create or Open an Answer File.

  3. On the Insert menu, click Driver Path.

  4. Select the configuration pass in which you want to install the driver. This can be the windowsPE or the auditSystem configuration pass.

    Adding a driver to the auditSystem configuration pass processes the driver during Audit mode only.

    The Browse for Folder dialog box appears.

  5. Select the driver path that you want to add to the answer file, and then click OK.

    The driver path is added to the answer file under the configuration pass that you selected. Depending on the configuration pass that you selected, the driver path is included as a list item to one of the following components:

    • Microsoft-Windows-PnpCustomizationsWinPE for the windowsPE configuration pass

    • Microsoft-Windows-PnpCustomizationsNonWinPE for the auditSystem configuration pass

    You can also drag drivers from an Out-of-Box Drivers folder in the Distribution Share pane to either the windowsPE or auditSystem configuration pass in the Answer File pane. Or, right-click to add it.

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