Topic Last Updated—August 2008

Use the Configuration Manager 2007 Advanced Find Options dialog box to specify advanced criteria for finding status messages.

This dialog box contains the following elements:

Process ID

Specifies the process ID of a process that generated the message.
Thread ID

Specifies the thread ID of a thread within a process that generated the message.
Attached message property

Allows you to specify further properties and values on which to search.

The property of the status message. Depending on the Configuration Manager 2007 features you are using, one or more of the following items might be displayed:
  • Advertisement ID

  • CI Assignment ID

  • Client SMS Unique ID

  • Collection ID

  • Package ID

  • Policy Assignment ID

  • Policy ID

  • Sdm Type Id

  • Sdm Type Version

  • Software Metering Rule ID

  • User Name

Sdm Type Id refers to the CI Unique ID in the desired configuration management feature, and Sdm Type Version refers to the configuration data content version in the desired configuration management feature.
Property value

Specifies the value to search for on the selected property.

Saves the changes and exits the dialog box.

Exits the dialog box without saving any changes.

Opens the help topic for this dialog box.

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