Use the Source Directory page in the Configuration Manager 2007 Distribute Software Wizard to specify the directory location of any source files that need to be accessed to run the package.

This page contains the elements described in the following table.

UI Element List

Name Description


Specifies the name of the package being created.

Source directory location

Specifies the type of location for the source directory. Two options are available:

  • Network path (UNC Name)

  • Local drive on site server

Source directory

Specifies the network path to the package source files.

To specify the path to the source directory, either type the path or click Browse to navigate to the source directory location.

Persist content in client cache

Specifies whether content should be retained in the cache on the client computer indefinitely even if it has already been run. Although this option can be useful with some recurring packages, such as virus software or Windows Installer-based software that requires a local source copy to be available for applying updates, it will reduce the available cache space. Specifying this option might cause a large package to fail at a later point if there is insufficient space available in the cache.

Enable binary differential replication

Specifies whether binary delta comparison should be used on changed package source files. Selecting the check box enables this behavior and allows Distribution Manager to transfer only parts of the file that have changed instead of the entire file. This behavior can result in large bandwidth savings in transferring the changes for large files, compared with the traditional method where the entire file is transferred.


Goes to the previous page of the wizard.


Goes to the next page of the wizard.


Goes to the Summary page of the wizard.


Discards the settings, and exits the wizard.

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