The Deployment Templates console tree node in Configuration Manager 2007 displays deployment templates that have been created. As the console tree is expanded, the deployment templates are listed in the tree. The Deployment Templates console tree node and sub nodes are located in the console tree as follows:

System Center Configuration Manager / Site Database / Computer Management / Software Updates / Deployment Templates

The Software Update Deployment Template Wizard and Deploy Software Updates Wizard can be used to create deployment templates. For more information, see How to Create a Deployment Template.

UI Element List

Upon clicking the Deployment Templates console tree node or sub nodes, the Configuration Manager console contains the following elements:

Look for:/Search in:

Filters the contents that are displayed in the results pane based on a keyword in a specific column.
Look for

Looks for text that was entered to filter on. This could be a partial or full text string. Only items that contain the text will be displayed in the results pane. For example, the text English could be entered in the Look for: text box to display only software updates that contain that text in any column.
Search in

Searches a specific column for the text that was entered in the Look for: text box. The default value for this item is All Columns.
Find Now

Initiates the filter.

Clears the filter and displays all possible results.

The following sections describe the Deployment Templates console tree node and sub nodes.

Deployment Templates

The Deployment Templates console tree node in Configuration Manager 2007, when highlighted, displays the name and description for the template. It is highly recommended to create a name and description that provides an overview of the deployment template configuration and other relevant information that helps to identify it among other templates listed in this location.

Deployment Template Name

The deployment template name console tree nodes display the name and description of the specified template and allow the properties for the template to be modified. For more information, see Deployment Template Name Properties.

General Actions

The following actions are available on all Deployment Template console tree nodes.

Action                          Description                                                                         

Give Feedback

Opens a Configuration Manager 2007 Web site where feedback can be given.


Provides the following view options:

  • Add/Remove columns: Specifies which columns display in the results pane. Select the column name from the Available columns window, and click Add to add the column to the displayed columns. Select the column name from the Displayed columns window, and click Remove to remove the columns from the displayed columns. Click Restore Defaults to display the default columns. Click OK to save changes.

  • Export list: Exports the data in the results pane to a Text or Unicode Text file that is tab or comma delimited.

  • Hide search bar: Specifies to hide the search bar located above the results pane.

Customize: Specifies which items are displayed in the Configuration Manager 2007 console window.

New Windows from Here

Opens a new console window using the current node as the root node.


Refreshes the display with the most current information.


Opens the associated help topic.

Deployment Templates

The following actions are available from the Deployment Templates console tree node.

Action                          Description                                                                         

New Deployment Template

Opens the Deployment Template Wizard where the new template is created.


Opens the Deployment Templates Properties dialog box where class security rights can be set on the object.

Deployment Template Name

The following actions are available from the deployment templates displayed in the console.

Action                          Description                                                                         


Deletes the selected deployment template. One or more templates can be deleted at the same time.


Opens the Deployment Template Name Properties dialog box where the template settings can be configured.

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