Verbose logging is often useful in Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 when troubleshooting issues with the Configuration Manager 2007 console.

Before sharing verbose log output with people outside of your organization, verify that no sensitive data is recorded in the log file.

To enable verbose logging for the Configuration Manager console

  1. Navigate to the <InstallationPath>\AdminUI\bin folder.

  2. Using a text editor, open adminui.console.dll.config

  3. Change the line <source name="SmsAdminUISnapIn" switchValue="Error" > to <source name="SmsAdminUISnapIn" switchValue="Verbose" >

  4. Restart the Configuration Manager 2007 console.

  5. Examine the <InstallationPath>\AdminUI\SMSAdminUI.log file for additional information.

  6. After verbose logging is no longer needed, reset the SwitchValue to Error again to remove the processing overhead.

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