Collections are the primary means that Configuration Manager 2007 uses to define the recipients of packages. Although a number of collections come preinstalled with a standard Configuration Manager 2007 setup, it is frequently useful to add to or modify this selection to more effectively manage your organization. This section provides links to the tasks that help to manage collections within Configuration Manager.

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In This Section

How to Create a Collection

Specifies how to create a new collection in Configuration Manager.
How to Modify a Collection

Specifies how to modify the properties and settings of an existing collection.
How to Delete a Collection

Specifies how to delete a collection from Configuration Manager.
How to Update Collections

Specifies how to update the membership of one or more collections on demand.
How to Schedule Collection Updates

Specifies how to schedule a collection to evaluate its membership rules and update collection membership on a recurring basis.
How to View the Advertisements for a Collection

Specifies how to view existing advertisements for a given collection.
How to Configure Dynamic Collection Evaluation in Configuration Manager 2007 R3

Provides information about how to configure the dynamic collection evaluation feature in Configuration Manager 2007 R3.

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