Site codes and site names are used to identify and manage the sites in a Configuration Manager 2007 hierarchy. In the Configuration Manager console, the site code and site name are displayed in the <site code> - <site name> format. Site codes should be used only once in a Configuration Manager 2007 hierarchy. If Active Directory is extended for Configuration Manager, and sites are publishing data, the site codes used within an Active Directory forest must be unique even if they are being used in a different Configuration Manager hierarchy. Be sure to carefully plan your site codes and site names before deploying the Configuration Manager 2007 hierarchy.

Specifying Site Codes and Site Names

During Configuration Manager 2007 Setup, you are prompted for a site code and site name for each primary and secondary site installation. The site code must uniquely identify each Configuration Manager 2007 site in the hierarchy. Because some Configuration Manager 2007 components use the site code in folder names, you should not specify Microsoft Windows reserved names such as AUX, CON, NUL, or PRN as the site code during Configuration Manager 2007 Setup.

Configuration Manager Setup does not verify that the site code entered is not already in use.

To enter the site code for a site during Configuration Manager 2007 Setup, you must enter three alphanumeric characters. Only the letters A through Z, numbers 0 through 9, or combinations of the two are allowed when specifying site codes. The sequence of letters or numbers has no effect on the communications between sites. For example, it is not necessary to name a primary site ABC and a secondary site DEF.

The site name is a friendly name identifier for the site. Use only the standard characters A through Z, a through z, 0 through 9, and the hyphen (-) in site names.

Changing the site code or site name after installation is not supported.

Re-Using Site Codes

Site codes should never be used more than once in a Configuration Manager 2007 hierarchy for active sites. If you have uninstalled a site that was publishing site data to Active Directory Domain Services in preparation for installing a new Configuration Manager 2007 site with the same site code, you should ensure that the previous site's information has been removed from Active Directory Domain Services, and possibly WINS, before attempting to re-use the old site code for a new Configuration Manager 2007 site. All references to the original site need to be removed from all other sites in the hierarchy, and you need to clean up any objects previously replicated to potential child sites of the new site. If this is not done, any newly replicated objects from the newly created site could overwrite objects already replicated to the child sites by the previous installation.