The Queries console tree node in Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 displays the default queries created during Setup and any custom queries created by the Configuration Manager 2007 administrators. The Queries console tree node is located in the console tree as follows:

System Center Configuration Manager / Site Database / Computer Management / Queries.

If you expand the Queries node, you see the list of queries available for the site. You can export queries from this site and import queries created in other sites. You can also group your queries with folders and search folders.

For more information, see Queries in Configuration Manager.

UI Element List

Upon clicking the Queries console tree node, the Configuration Manager 2007 console contains the following elements:

Look for:/Search in:

Filters the contents that are displayed in the results pane based on a keyword in a specific column.
Look for

Looks for text that was entered to filter on. This could be a partial or full text string. Only items that contain the text will be displayed in the results pane. For example, the text English could be entered in the Look for: text box to display only software updates that contain that text in any column.
Search in

Searches a specific column for the text that was entered in the Look for: text box. The default value for this item is All Columns.
Find Now

Initiates the filter.

Clears the filter and displays all possible results.


The Queries console tree node in Configuration Manager 2007, when highlighted, displays the following information about each query:

  • Name: Specifies the name of the query.

  • Resource Class: Displays the Object Type set on the General tab of the <query name> properties.

  • Query ID: Specifies the ID assigned by Configuration Manager 2007 to the given query.

If you double-click each query, Configuration Manager 2007 changes the focus to the query name in the tree node and then in the results pane displays the query results as specified on the <query name> Statement Properties General tab.

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