The Computer Details page of Report Viewer in Configuration Manager 2007 displays a set of reports that are configured to display on the page and provide information about a specific computer. Many predefined reports provided with Configuration Manager are configured to appear on this page and display detailed information about a specific computer. Custom reports can also be configured to appear on the Computer Details page by selecting the Display in Computer Details setting on the General tab of the report's properties page. This setting is available only to reports that have one prompt or no prompts configured. Reports that appear on the Computer Details page also appear in the list of reports on the main page of Report Viewer and in the Configuration Manager console.

Many reports on the Computer Details page include a prompt that requests the user to enter a value before running the report. This value is usually a computer name, but it can be a different value, such as a file name or a user name, depending on how the report is configured. When a user selects a report with a prompt on the Computer Details page, the title of the Value text box changes to reflect the Prompt Text value that was specified when the prompt was created, such as Computer Name. The user can then enter a value and run the report. When a value is specified, the user can select other reports on the Computer Details page and run those reports by using the same value. For example, you might enter a computer name and run a report that provides operating system information about that computer. You can then run a report that provides processor information about the same computer.

When a report contains a link to the Computer Details page, that report must contain computer names in one of its columns. The value from the configured column of the source report is automatically inserted into the Value text box on the Computer Details page. For more information about report links, see About Report Links.

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