The information in this topic applies only to Configuration Manager 2007 R2 and Configuration Manager 2007 R3.

Use the Reporting Services Point page in the Configuration Manager 2007 New Site Role Wizard and New Site System Server Wizard to create and configure a Reporting Services point, and use the General tab in the ConfigMgr Reporting Services Point Properties dialog box to display the report folder for the Reporting Services point.

The Reporting Services Point page and General tab contain the following element:

Report folder

Specifies the name of the folder created on the Reporting Services point site system server. This folder will contain the Reporting Services reports that can be accessed from the Configuration Manager console. The default name is ConfigMgr_<sitecode>, but you can create a custom folder name that is up to 256 characters. The following characters are not allowed: / \ [ ] : ; | = , + " * ? < >

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