Topic last updated—March 2008

Asset Intelligence reports can be run to view the most detailed information collected by the Asset Intelligence feature. Asset Intelligence reports can be used to view hardware, software, and license management information.

Example Scenario for Using Reports to View Asset Intelligence Catalog Information

In this example, Ed Banti, the Configuration Manager 2007 administrator for Blue Yonder Airlines, views collected Asset Intelligence information by using reports. Ed also configures the necessary Configuration Manager 2007 reporting security permissions to allow April Meyers, the asset manager for Blue Yonder Airlines, to view necessary licensing information reports by using a remote installation of the Configuration Manager 2007 console, without giving her the ability to manage site information.

Process Reference

Ed reviews the available Asset Intelligence reports to determine the reports to view.

About Asset Intelligence Reports

Using the Configuration Manager console, Ed selects an Asset Intelligence report and views it.

How to View Collected Asset Intelligence Information

Ed configures the required security settings to allow April to have read-only access to collected Asset Intelligence information.

How to Configure Asset Intelligence Object Security for Asset Managers

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