Use the New Advertisement Wizard in Configuration Manager 2007 to create an advertisement that causes a program to run on a specific client or collection of clients.

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In This Section

General Page

Specifies general information about the advertisement, including the name, package, program, and collection associated with it.
Schedule Page

Specifies when the program will be advertised to the target collection, as well as whether or not it will be mandatory.
Distribution Points

Specifies how to run the content of the program from the distribution point, depending on the type of boundary within which the client computer is connected.
Interaction Page

Specifies settings that affect how users are notified about and interact with the advertised program.
Properties - Security Tab

Specifies class and instance security rights granted to users of the advertised program.
Wizard - Summary Page

Provides a summary of the new advertisement properties.
Wizard - Progress Page

Provides the progress for the new advertisement creation.
Wizard - Completing the Wizard Page

Provides a summary of the created advertisement properties or a list of issues that occurred during the advertisement creation.

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