The SMS_def.mof file is used to modify reporting class information inventoried by clients during hardware inventory. The SMS_def.mof file consists of a list of classes and attributes that relate to data classes stored in the WMI repository of Configuration Manager 2007 clients.

Classes and properties that have the reporting qualifier set to TRUE are collected and those set to FALSE are not. However, there is an exception: if a class is set to TRUE then any class properties with the key attribute are collected, even if the individual property is set to FALSE.

You can use Notepad.exe to modify the SMS_def.mof file. If there are properties or classes that you no longer want to collect, set them to FALSE. If you want to inventory new classes or properties, set them to TRUE.

Be careful when modifying the SMS_def.mof file. It was not designed to be executed with all or most of the class reporting qualifiers set to TRUE. The size of the inventory report file can affect the performance of your network. If you modify the file, first verify the size of a typical client's complete hardware inventory and make sure it is acceptable for your networking environment. Then, test the new file in a test lab before replacing the default SMS_def.mof on the primary site server.

To extend hardware inventory using the SMS_def.mof file

  1. On the primary site server computer, navigate to <ConfigMgr installation directory>\inboxes\clifiles.src\hinv directory.

  2. Using Notepad.exe, open the SMS_def.mof file and make any necessary changes.

  3. Close the SMS_def.mof file and save changes.

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