Use the Install Windows Operating System page in the Configuration Manager 2007 New Task Sequence Wizard to select the package that contains the installation source for the operating system edition, enter licensing information for installing the operating system, and specify the local administrator password that will be used.

This page contains the elements as described in the following table.

Name Description


Specifies the package that contains the source for the operating system edition that will be installed. Click Browse to specify the package.


Specifies the Windows Vista Edition that should be used with this package. If the operating system install package contains multiple editions, then you must select the appropriate edition for the Windows product code specified by the associated Product Key.

Product Key

Specifies the product key. You can specify both encoded volume license keys and standard product keys. If a non-encoded product key is used, each group of 5 characters must be separated by a dash (-), for example XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX.

Server Licensing Mode

Specifies the mode of server licensing. Use the drop-down list to select one of the following modes:

  • Do not specify

  • Per seat

  • Per server

Disable the local account

Disables the local administrator account. This is the default selection.

Always use the same administrator password

Specifies the local administrator password that Configuration Manager 2007 can use on the target computer. The account and password specified in this section will be used for all Windows installations.


Goes to the previous page of the wizard.


Goes to the next page of the wizard.


Goes to the Summary page of the wizard.


Discards the settings and exits the wizard.

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