The Configuration Manager 2007 site database must be installed on a supported version of SQL Server. Either the default instance or a named instance can be used. The site database can also be installed on a named instance of a virtual SQL Server cluster instance.

For a list of supported SQL Server versions, see Configuration Manager Supported Configurations.

The most important aspects to plan for when choosing where to install the site database are disk I/O operations and network bandwidth considerations. Installing the site database on the local primary site server computer enables constant access to site database data, but depending on the disk array configuration of the site server, it may be slowed by disk I/O operations. Conversely, installing the site database on a remote SQL Server relies on a reliable, and fast, network connection.

Once installed, the site database can be moved to another SQL Server computer by running Configuration Manager Setup and choosing the site maintenance option.

If the Configuration Manager 2007 site database is moved off the local site server computer, it is supported to move it back to the primary site server computer at a later time.

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