Use this dialog box to view and modify the service port selected in the Configuration Manager 2007 Site Properties: Ports Tab. You cannot modify ports that are not enabled in the Ports Properties dialog box.

The Port Detail dialog box contains the following elements:


Displays the service provided by each of the ports specified:
  • Client Requests-HTTP (TCP)

  • Client Requests-HTTPS (TCP)

  • Wake On LAN (UDP)


Specifies the user-defined name of the Client Requests services (maximum 50 characters).This option is not applicable to the Wake On LAN service.
Port number

Specifies the port number used by Configuration Manager 2007. Select a valid TCP port for client requests using http and https, and a valid UDP port for Wake on LAN transmissions.
Default client port

Specifies the client request service is the default port. You must have a default client request port specified for the site and, optionally, an alternate port. Alternate ports are required if you are migrating clients to a custom Web site.This option is not applicable to the Wake On LAN service.

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