Topic last updated -- August 2007

Before you create the network policies for Configuration Manager 2007 on the Network Policy Server, you must have two health policies that match to a compliant or non-compliant status.

To create the System Health Validator health policies for just Configuration Manager, follow these procedures:

  1. Load the Network Policy Server console.

  2. Expand Polices.

  3. Right-click Health Policies, and then click New.

  4. Under Policy name, type a descriptive name (such as Configuration Manager Compliant for your compliant health policy, and Configuration Manager Non-Compliant for your non-compliant health policy).

  5. For the option Client SHV checks, select Client passes all SHV checks for the compliant health policy, and Client fails one or more SHV checks for the non-compliant template.

  6. Under the section SHVs used in this health policy, select Configuration Manager System Health Validator.

For more information about creating health policies, see the following white paper:

"Configuring Network Access Protection Policies in Windows Server 2008" (

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