After upgrading a site to Configuration Manager 2007, the site should be checked for general health and configured for daily operations.

Post upgrade tasks include:

Review Site Status

Site system and site component status should be reviewed to ensure that the site, and its site systems, has been properly upgraded to Configuration Manager 2007.

After upgrading a site to Configuration Manager 2007, some system components may report initialization errors. This is caused by Site Component Manager reinstallation during the upgrade process. These initialization errors are temporary and will be resolved during the next site component status summarization cycle.

Check Site Database Integrity

Using a SQL Server backup of the upgraded site database should be checked using SQL Server database consistency checks to ensure the site database has upgraded successfully. The SQL Server 2005 DBCC CHECKDB stored procedure can be used to check the logical and physical integrity of all the objects in the site database. The DBCC CHECKDB stored procedure, performs the following operations:

  • Runs DBCC CHECKALLOC on the database.

  • Runs DBCC CHECKTABLE on every table and view in the database.

  • Runs DBCC CHECKCATALOG on the database.

  • Validates the contents of every indexed view in the database.

  • Validates the Service Broker data in the database.

Update Custom Hardware Inventory Modifications

Differences between the SMS_def.mof files at different sites of the same version in the hierarchy can lead to conflicting hardware inventory data. To prevent conflicts, you should make sure that each site of the same version in the hierarchy uses the same hardware inventory definitions.

Because SMS 2003 sites use only the SMS_def.mof to customize hardware inventory, the hardware inventory customizations made to the SMS_def.mof previously should be added to the appropriate Configuration Manager 2007 hardware inventory MOF file: Configuration.mof file for data classes and the SMS_def.mof for reporting classes. For more information about MOF files used in Configuration Manager 2007 hardware inventory, see About MOF Files Used by Hardware Inventory.

Configure Site Settings

Configuration settings from SMS 2003 sites are preserved during an upgrade. Existing site configurations should be reviewed to ensure that the site is configured for Configuration Manager 2007 operations. Site setting requirements may have changed due to site hierarchy configuration changes or because of new features introduced by Configuration Manager 2007.

In general, perform post-upgrade tasks in the following order:

  • Assign new site system roles

  • Configure site maintenance tasks

  • Update boundaries as needed

  • Configure discovery methods

  • Configure client agent settings and schedules

  • Configure client installation methods

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