Topic Last Updated—August 2008

When the Configuration Manager 2007 site supports Internet-based client management for clients that are sometimes on the intranet, and sometimes on the Internet, you can install the clients on the intranet with any of the available client installation methods and include the configuration for Internet-based client management.

However, you might need to install clients that are on the Internet (either because they are Internet-only clients or because you need to install them before they come back into the intranet). In this scenario, you need to decide how to install these clients.

Installing a client directly from the Internet-based management point, or from the Internet-based software update point is not supported.

How to Install Clients on the Internet

There are two supported methods for installing clients that are on the Internet:

  • Provide a mechanism for these clients to temporarily connect to the intranet using a virtual private network (VPN), and then install them using any appropriate client installation method.

  • Use an installation method independent from Configuration Manager, such as packaging the client installation source files onto removable media that you can send to users to install with instructions. The client installation source files are located in the <InstallationPath>\Client folder on the Configuration Manager 2007 site server and management points. Include on the media a script to manually install the client by using CCMSetup.exe and all the appropriate CCMSetup command-line properties. These will need to include the following:

    • CCMSetup command-line property /source:<local path on removable media>

    • CCMSetup command-line property /native: [<native mode option]

    • Client.msi property CCMHOSTNAME=<FQDN of Internet-based management point>

    • Client.msi property SMSSIGNCERT=<local path to exported site server signing certificate>

    • Client.msi property SMSSITECODE=<site code of Internet-based management point>

    If you are using an Internet-based fallback status point, specify the following:

    • Client.msi property FSP=<Internet FQDN of the Internet-based fallback status point>

    If you are installing the client to be Internet-only because it will never be managed on the intranet, specify the following:

PKI Client Computer Certificate Requirement

Because clients that are managed over the Internet must communicate with their Internet-based site using native mode communication, ensure that these clients also have their public key infrastructure (PKI) certificate installed. For more information about this certificate requirement, see the following topics:

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