The Configuration Manager 2007 R3 Power Computers with Multiple Power Plans report displays a list of computers that are members of multiple collections, each applying different power plans. For each computer with potentially conflicting power settings, the report displays the computer name and the power plans being applied for each collection that the computer is a member of.

If a computer is a member of multiple collections, each applying different power plans, then the following actions are taken:
  • Power plan: If multiple values for power settings are applied to a computer, the least restrictive value is used.

  • Wakeup time: If multiple wakeup times are applied to a computer, the time closest to midnight is used.

The information in this topic applies only to Configuration Manager 2007 R3.

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Report Name Details

Power Computer Details

Click a computer name to see the power capabilities, power settings, and applied power plans for the selected computer.

For more information about this report, see About the Power Computer Details Report for Power Management.

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