Configuration Manager 2007 clients can be assigned a fallback status point in the following ways:

Although more than one fallback status point can be installed in a site, clients can be assigned to use only one.

Use the following procedure to manually assign a fallback status point to Configuration Manager clients.

To manually assign a fallback status point to clients:

  • Use the client.msi option FSP=<server> with CCMSetup.exe command line options. You can use a short name to specify the server parameter, or a fully qualified domain name, or an IP address.

    • Example 1: CCMSetup.exe SMSSITECODE=A01 FSP=server1

    • Example 2: CCMSetup.exe SMSSITECODE=A01

    • Example 3: CCMSetup.exe SMSSITECODE=A01 FSP=

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