Although the English version of the Configuration Manager 2007 server software supports a wide variety of client languages, you must perform the following configuration tasks to display non-ASCII characters generated by the clients in the Configuration Manager console.

Locale Setting Must Match the Language of Data

The locale setting of the computer running the Configuration Manager console must match the language of the data you want to view or enter. For example, if you want to view Russian-language hardware inventory data or distribute a software package with a Russian name, the Configuration Manager console you use must run on an operating system on which the locale is set to Russia.

To set the locale

  1. In Control Panel, double-click Regional Settings.

  2. Click the Regional Settings tab, and then select the appropriate locale.

To view data collected from or directed to clients that are using a specific language, you must run the appropriate language version of the Configuration Manager console on a computer set to the corresponding locale.

For each client language other than Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, or Traditional Chinese, inventory data is viewed from a Configuration Manager console by changing the locale setting on a computer running a U.S. English operating system.

Maintain a Computer Running a Localized Operating System

To view data in Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, or Traditional Chinese, you must maintain a computer running that language. On that computer, install the appropriate localized version of the Configuration Manager console. For example, because the English-language server does not support display of DBCS characters, an administrator in Vancouver who wants to view data from Tokyo must set up a Japanese-localized computer running the Japanese version of the Configuration Manager console to view the data in the Japanese language.

Install Additional Languages on the Computer Where the SMS Provider Is Installed

In addition, you might need to install additional languages to the computer where the SMS Provider is installed. The SMS Provider resides on either the site server or on the computer where the Configuration Manager 2007 site database is installed. The Configuration Manager console accesses the SMS Provider to view data in these languages.

To install additional languages on Windows 2000 Server or Windows Server 2003, choose the desired language in Regional and Language Options in Control Panel.

Reports Must Be Configured to Open in a New Window

The Microsoft Management Console (MMC) cannot be set to change the code page used when displaying report data in the Configuration Manager 2007 console. To display reports properly in the required language, always set configure reports to open in a new window instead of displaying in the Configuration Manager 2007 console. For more information, see How to Change Options for Running Reports in the Console.

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