The Configuration Manager 2007 software update deployment properties dialog box displays information about the software update deployments created in the Deploy Software Updates Wizard and allows the deployment settings to be modified.

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Deployment Name Properties: General Tab

Specifies the name and description of the deployment.
Deployment Name Properties: Collection Tab

Specifies the collection that is targeted for the deployment.
Deployment Name Properties: Software Updates Tab

Specifies the software updates defined in the deployment and provides the ability to add or remove software updates.
Deployment Name Properties: SMS 2003 Settings Tab

Specifies whether to deploy the software updates to SMS 2003 clients that are in the target collection.
Deployment Name Properties: Schedule Tab

Specifies when a software update deployment becomes available to clients, whether the software update installation will be enforced on clients, whether Wake On LAN will be used in the deployment, and whether to ignore maintenance windows.
Deployment Name Properties: Download Settings Tab

Specifies the behavior for software update installation when clients are within a slow or unreliable network boundary and when clients are within the boundaries of protected distribution points that do not have the software updates available.
Properties - Security Tab

Specifies the class and instance security for the deployment object.
Deployment Name Properties: Display/Time Settings Tab

Specifies whether notifications are displayed on clients and whether a client evaluates the deployment schedule based on local or UTC.
Deployment Name Properties: Restart Settings Tab

Specifies the system restart behavior when a software update installs on a client and requires a restart to complete.
Deployment Name Properties: Event Generation Tab

Specifies whether to disable Microsoft Operations Manager alerts during software update installation and whether an Operation Manager alert is created when a software update installations fails.

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