Use the Data Source tab to specify whether this package contains source files. The source location specified must be a UNC path to an empty directory. When a driver package is created the driver content will be copied into the empty directory and when a device driver is removed the content will be removed from the directory.

You can configure the following settings:

UI Element List

Source directory

Click the Select button to launch the Set Source Directory dialog box. Specify a source directory for the driver package by clicking the Browse button to search for a directory, or enter the path in UNC format. The location specified must be available to the Configuration Manager 2007 service account.
Use a compressed copy of the source directory

Select this option if you want to use a compressed version of the source files.
Always obtain files from the source directory

Select this option if Configuration Manager 2007 clients should always obtain files form the source directory.
Update distribution points on a schedule

The source files for this image will be regularly updated on distribution points. When selected, the default schedule is set to the current date with an interval of one day. By default, this check box is cleared.

Click to open the Schedule dialog box, where you can specify how frequently to update the image data on distribution points. This button is available only when Update distribution points on a schedule is selected.