Software updates can be downloaded to a deployment package from the Download Updates Wizard and Update List Wizard, which allows administrators to provision distribution points with software update source files prior to deploying them, or from the Deploy Software Updates Wizard, which downloads the software updates as part of the deployment.

The source files for downloaded software updates are stored in the source shared folder, the network shared folder specified when creating the deployment package. The files are then copied to the distribution points associated with the package. If newer software update versions become available, the Content Refresh action can be used to download the updates from the download location and replace the updates in the source folder.

The Content Refresh action only replaces the update source files and does not update the distribution points associated with the deployment package. For more information about updating distribution points with source file content, see How to Manage Distribution Points in Deployment Packages. Use the following procedure to refresh the software update source files on site servers.

To refresh software update source files on site servers

  1. In the Configuration Manager console, navigate to System Center Configuration Manager / Site Database / Computer Management / Software Updates / Deployment Packages / <deployment package name> / Software Updates.

  2. Select the software updates that need a content refresh, right-click the selected updates, and click Content Refresh to open the Download Updates Wizard.

  3. Select the download location for the software updates, click Next, click Next, and then click Close when the wizard finishes downloading the updates.

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