You can configure Configuration Manager 2007 clients for Internet only management, which means that they will never connect to site systems on the intranet.

Some Configuration Manager features are not supported when clients are managed over the Internet. Ensure that client computers that you configure for Internet-only management do not require these features. For more information, see Overview of Internet-Based Client Management.

Use the following procedure to configure a Configuration Manager 2007 client computer for Internet-only management.

To configure client computers for Internet only management:

  • Specify the CCMSetup.exe client.msi property CCMALWAYSINF=1. For more information, see About Configuration Manager Client Installation Properties.

    Installing a client computer with this configuration means that it will be unable to connect to its site's default management point, and any other site system on the intranet. You would therefore need to install the client with additional properties such as the CCMSetup.exe command line property for native mode communication, its assigned site code, and its Internet-based management point.

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