The Software Update Point Connection Account is used by two Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 services for software updates. The Configuration Manager 2007 Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) Configuration Manager service uses the account to configure settings such as product definitions, classifications, and upstream settings. This account is also used by the Configuration Manager 2007 WSUS Synchronization Manager service to request synchronization.

If the account is not specified, the site server computer account is used for the connection.

The Site System Installation account can install the components, but cannot actually perform software updates-specific functions on the software update point. If you cannot use the site server computer account because the software update point is in an untrusted forest, you must use this account in addition to the Site System Installation account.

Required rights and permissions

This account must be a local administrator on the computer where WSUS is installed, and be part of the local WSUS Administrators group.

Account and password creation

The account is not automatically created. The Configuration Manager 2007 Administrator creates the account and manages the passwords. If using a software update point to support Internet-based clients, it is possible to create one account for the intranet software update point and a different account to support software update point in the perimeter network.

Account location

The account must be created in an account database that has rights to access the software update point in the remote forest.

Account maintenance

The administrator changes the account or password in the operating system, then configures Configuration Manager 2007 to use the new account or password.

Security best practices

Use the site server computer account whenever possible. If the software update point is in a different forest, which is supported for Internet-based client management, then you must configure this account and also use the Site System Installation account to install the site role.

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