The MEBx Account is the account in the Management Engine BIOS extension (MEBx) on AMT-based computers and is used for initial authenticated access to the AMT firmware on AMT-based computers in Configuration Manager 2007 SP1 and later. If you enable the out of band management feature, you must configure the password to use for the MEBx Account in the Configuration Manager 2007 console and when migrating computers to Configuration Manager that have been provisioned for AMT by using another management solution.

The information in this topic applies only to Configuration Manager 2007 SP1 and later.

Required Rights and Permissions

There are no required rights and permissions for this account.

Account and Password Creation

The MEBx account is named admin, and by default, the password is admin. Your manufacturer might provide a customized password, or you might have specified your choice of password in AMT. If the MEBx password is other than admin, specify an AMT Provisioning and Discovery Account on the Out of Band Management Configuration Properties: Provisioning Settings Tab. For more information, see How to Add an AMT Provisioning and Discovery Account.

Configuration Manager might change the MEBx password during the provisioning process, depending on whether it has been changed previously on the AMT-based computer and on the version of AMT. Specify your choice for an alternative MEBx password on the Out of Band Management Properties: General Tab. If you import AMT-based computers that have already been provisioned, specify the MEBx password by using the Import Computer for Out of Band Management Wizard.

Account Location

The account is stored in the Management Engine BIOS extensions of the AMT-based computer. This account does not correspond to any account in Windows.

Account Maintenance

If the default MEBx password has not been changed before Configuration Manager provisions the computer for AMT, Configuration Manager will set the password that you configure on the Out of Band Management Properties: General Tab as the MEBx password in AMT during the provisioning process.

Security Best Practices

If you specify the MEBx password in the comma-separated values (CSV) file for importing computers with the Import Computer for Out of Band Management Wizard, ensure that you store the file securely and can access it securely from the Configuration Manager console.

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