The reporting options for a Configuration Manager 2007 site provide the ability to select the default reporting point used and whether a new browser window opens when running reports and dashboards from the Configuration Manager console.

In Configuration Manager 2007 R2, you also have the option to select the default server when running Reporting Services reports.

Use the following procedure to configure the report options for a site.

To configure report options for a site

  1. In the Configuration Manager console, navigate to System Center Configuration Manager / Site Database.

  2. Right-click < Site Database >, and then click Report Options.

  3. Specify from the drop-down list the default report point that will be used when opening reports and dashboards from the Configuration Manager console. If there are no reporting points available in the list, you must exit the dialog box and then create a reporting point. For more information, see How to Create a Reporting Point. By default, the maximum number of reporting points displayed in the drop-down list is five. For more information about modifying the number of reporting points displayed, see How to Modify the Number of Reporting Points in Report Options.

  4. Specify whether reports and dashboards that run from the Configuration Manager console open in a new browser window or if they open within the console.

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