Enter general information about the advertisement and the computers that should receive it. The following settings can be configured:


User-defined name for this advertisement. This field is required.

Optional user-defined description about this advertisement.
Task Sequence

The name of the task sequence that is being advertised. This field is automatically filled with the task sequence that was highlighted when the wizard was started.

The name of the Configuration Manager 2007 collection that contains the destination computers that should receive this advertisement.
Operating System Deployment does not distinguish Configuration Manager 2007 site servers, in particular branch distribution points, from other destination computers in the collection. If you are advertising the task sequence to a collection that contains an Configuration Manager 2007 site server, the site server will run the task sequence like any other computer in the collection. It is recommended that you remove the site system role from the site server before deploying an operating system image to it, and then assign the site system role back to the site server.
Include members of subcollections

Enable this option if computers contained in subcollections of the specified Collection should also receive this advertisement. This option is enabled by default.
Make this task sequence available to Boot Media and PXE

Enable this option to make the task sequence available for use by boot media and PXE servers.Only advertisements that have this option checked will be available to run on a bare metal computer that is booted with boot media (CD or DVD) or via PXE. If this option is not checked, then the advertisement is available to a destination computer only if the computer is an Configuration Manager 2007 client. If you try to use boot media, the advertisement will not be found.

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