This account is used in a Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 task sequence to connect to a shared folder on the network. This account is required if you add the step Connect to Network Folder to a task sequence.

Required Rights and Permissions

This account requires permissions to access the specified shared folder.

Account and Password Creation

The account is not automatically created. The Configuration Manager 2007 Administrator creates one account per site and manages the passwords.

Account Location

This account must be a domain account.

Account Maintenance

The administrator changes the account or password in the operating system, then configures the task sequence to use the new account or password.

Security Best Practices

If you need accounts for your task sequences, you can create one domain user account with minimal permissions to access the required network resources and use it for all task sequence accounts.

Do not assign this account interactive logon permissions.

Do not use the Network Access account for this account.

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