Last updated: November 2007

Use the File Collection tab of the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Mobile Device Client Agent properties dialog box to enable and configure file collection on device clients. File collection of an empty file, 0kb, will cause an error. Files greater than 6 MB cannot be file collected. File collection does not collect system files.

This tab contains the following elements:

Enable file collection on Device Clients

Enables file collection for all device clients belonging to the site. When you select this check box, file collection is enabled on the device clients and runs according to the schedule specified.
User wild card characters to specify file names to be collected.
Run every

Specifies the number and time units (minutes, hours, days, weeks, months) in the schedule. You can specify 1 to 59 minutes, 1 to 23 hours, 1 to 30 days, 1 to 4 weeks, or 1 to 12 months. By default, this interval is set to 1 week. By periodically reporting inventory, the administrator can review the files on the mobile device.
New collected file button

Click to open the Collected File Properties dialog box so that you can add a new Files to the Collected files list.
Collected file properties button

Click to open the Collected File Properties dialog box so that you can edit the selected entry in the Collected files list.
Delete button

Click to delete the selected file in the Collected file list.
Collected files

Specifies the properties of the collected files.
  • Name: The files or file types that are collected from clients. By default, no files or file types are listed.

To collect groups of files, use a wild card character. For example, a*.exe will collect all executable files starting with the letter a.
  • Path: The full file path or system environment variable searched.

  • Subdirectories: Indicates whether Path subdirectories are searched.

  • Exclude: Indicates whether encrypted and compressed files are excluded from collection. You can change this value in the Collected File Properties dialog box.


Saves the changes and exits the dialog box.

Exits the dialog box without saving any changes.

Saves the changes and remains in the dialog box.
Collecting a large numbers of files may impact the performance of older mobile device such as Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2003 during file collection. Files larger than 15Kb may not be collected. To ensure log files are not affected, change log settings on mobile devices to reduce the size of the log files. For more information about restricting the size of log files, see How to Configure Logging for Windows Mobile and Windows CE Devices.
Setting Run every to frequently collect files may detrimentally effect mobile device performance.

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