The following table describes what's new in the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Documentation Library since October 2009. The topics listed in the table are new or contain significant technical changes. Topics that contain minor changes are not listed.

Planning and Deploying the Server Infrastructure for Configuration Manager 2007

Topic Description

Configuration Manager 2007 SP2 Supported Configurations

Updated with the latest support statements.

Configuration Manager 2007 R2 Supported Configurations

Updated with the latest support statements.

Configuration Manager 2007 SP1 Supported Configurations

Updated with the latest support statements.

Configuration Manager 2007 SP2 Upgrade Checklist

Updated to clarify that clients do not automatically upgrade when the site is upgraded. You must take manual steps to ensure that clients are upgraded. This checklist also has a new step to back up a customized SMS_def.mof file prior to the upgrade because this file is overwritten by Setup. These clarifications are also added to the other upgrade checklists.

SQL Server Preparation for Setup

Updated to clarify that Configuration Manager does not support manually changing or defining the Microsoft SQL Server port number for either the default instance or named instances of SQL Server.

Planning Configuration Manager Boundaries

Updated to clarify that supernets are not supported as boundary configurations when they are defined as an IP Subnet or an Active Directory site.

Certificate Requirements for Native Mode

Updated with information related to the client certificate. This update clarifies that the client certificate is not used for authentication to the software update point. Other topics have been updated to clarify this exception, including Benefits of Using Native Mode.

Configuration Manager in Multiple Active Directory Forests

Updated the section for supporting clients across forests with the following information:

  • To discover a computer resource in another forest by using Active Directory System Discovery, there must be a forest trust between the site server forest and the forest where the computer is located. The absence of the forest trust is also added to Troubleshooting Discovery Issues and the troubleshooting entry "Discovery Does Not Return Any Results".

  • Site systems must be able to resolve the short name (NetBIOS or host name) of the client computer.

  • When there is a firewall between the forests, use the information in Ports Used During Configuration Manager Client Deployment to help you choose an appropriate client installation method and configure the firewall accordingly.

Modifying the Default Configuration Manager SMS_def.mof File Before Upgrading

Updated to clarify that service pack upgrades to the Configuration Manager site removes any custom edits to the SMS_def.mof file.

Configuration Manager Site Capacity Planning

Updated to add capacity planning information for PXE service points.

Planning and Deploying Clients for Configuration Manager 2007

Topic Description

Overview of Configuration Manager Client Deployment

Updated the upgrade installation information to clarify that you cannot use task sequences to upgrade the Configuration Manager client.

Prerequisites for Configuration Manager Client Deployment

Updated the Installation Method Dependencies section for client push installation to include the following information:

  • The Client Push Installation account must be a member of the local Administrators group.

  • The computer has an ADMIN$ share.

About Client States in Configuration Manager

Updated with information about the Site Code column in the Configuration Manager console and about the Assigned and Client columns.

About Configuration Manager Client Installation Properties

Updated with information about the CCMALLOWSILENTREBOOT client.msi installation property to remove the =1 setting that is not required.

How to Install Configuration Manager Clients Using Client Push

Updated with information about how to track the installation process and the information that if the site server cannot contact the client computer or start the setup process, the site server automatically repeats the installation attempt every hour for up to 7 hours until it succeeds.

Ports Used During Configuration Manager Client Deployment

New topic that lists the ports used during each client installation method. Use this information to help you to configure firewalls that are in place between the site and client computers.

Tasks for Managing Configuration Manager Clients on Windows Embedded Devices

Updated for clarification to the topics related to managing Windows Embedded devices. These include the following:

Configuration Manager 2007 Features

Topic Description

About Configuration Manager Discovery

Updated with clarifications that include the following:

  • Why you might need to use discovery.

  • Information about discovery data records (DDRs) and how they are processed.

  • How discovery works in a hierarchy and best practices.

  • Summary information about the discovery methods and a table to help you choose which discovery method to use.

  • Information that is relevant to all the Active Directory Discovery methods.

The following topics have also been updated for additional information and clarifications:

Prerequisites for Out of Band Management

Updated with WinRM support version information.

About Network Access Protection in Configuration Manager Hierarchies

Updated to clarify that you cannot create Configuration Manager NAP policies on a site that is inheriting software updates from a parent site.

How to Re-run an Advertisement

Updated to clarify the differences between original advertisement schedules and those created by the Re-Run Advertisement action. This clarification is also added to How to Assign a Mandatory Advertisement and the Troubleshooting section "Advertisements Created by Using Rerun Advertisement Might Run at the Wrong Time" in Troubleshooting Software Distribution Issues.

How to Set a Maintenance Window

Updated to clarify how the Maximum allowed run time value is evaluated by maintenance windows. This clarification is also added to Program Name Properties: Requirements Tab.

Apply Network Settings Task Sequence Action Variables

Updated to correct the OSDDNSSuffixSearchOrder task sequence variable setting information.

Log Files for Operating System Deployment

Updated locations for smsts.log and CreateTSMedia.log files.

Supported Operating Systems and Hard Disk Configurations for Operating System Deployment

Updated with the latest support statements.

Operating System Deployment Task Sequence Variables

Updated to add the _SMSTSTimezone task sequence variable.

Maintaining Configuration Manager 2007

Topic Description

Predefined Maintenance Tasks

Updated with information about the following tasks:

  • Delete Aged Delete Detection Data

  • Evaluate Provisioned AMT Computer Certificates

  • Reset AMT Computer Passwords

Technical Reference for Configuration Manager 2007

Topic Description

List of Log Files in Configuration Manager 2007

Updated the Site Server Log Files section to include the Discovery log files.

Deployment Package Name Properties: Data Access Tab

Updated with the information that specifying a share distribution folder that is already in use can result in data loss. This information is also added to the following topics:

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