The address rate limits properties are used to set maximum data transfer rates, by hour, from the current site to the destination site.

Unlimited when sending to this address

Selecting this option will allow an unlimited data transfer rate when the current site sends data to this address.
Pulse Mode

When pulse mode is selected, you can limit the amount of data sent between sites, allowing you to specify the size of the data blocks sent in kilobytes that the data is subdivided into, and also to specify a time delay between the sending of each data block in seconds.
  • Size of data block (KB): Specify the size of the data block that Configuration Manager 2007 sends to the address.

  • Delay between data blocks (seconds): The amount of time after Configuration Manager 2007 sends data to the address before it sends the next data block.

Limited to specified maximum transfer rates by hour

The hours of the day and the percentage of maximum transfer rate allowed for each hour. If no number appears beneath an hour, 100 percent of the maximum transfer rate is allowed for that hour. Click and drag to select multiple hours. When this option is selected, you can also specify the maximum transfer rate for the selected time period:
  • Time period: The time period selected in the day chart above.

  • Limit (% of connection bandwidth): The percentage of the maximum transfer rate allowed for the selected time period. You can choose a percentage or Unlimited.

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