Topic Last Updated—August 2008

The following considerations should be taken into account when configuring the Configuration Manager 2007 R2 SQL Reporting Services feature.

The information in this topic applies only to Configuration Manager 2007 R2 and Configuration Manager 2007 R3.


  • Location of SQL Reporting Services Installation

    Configuration Manager 2007 R2 supports locating the SQL reporting server on the site server or a remote computer. However, for performance reasons, you should locate the SQL reporting server and the reporting services point on a remote site system.


  • Unattended Report Processing

    To use report subscriptions, you must configure one of the following to allow reports to run unattended:

    • An execution account. This account must be a Microsoft Windows user account. If you configure this account with a password expiration date, or if you change its information in Active Directory, you must also update this information in SQL Reporting Services. You should set read-only permissions to reports for this account. For information about configuring an execution account, see How to Configure Microsoft SQL Server for SQL Reporting Services.

    • Configure the option Credentials stored securely in the report server on the Data Source Authentication tab of the Report Server Properties dialog box. For more information about configuring this option, see Report Server Properties: Data Source Authentication Tab.

  • Credentials Options when Configuring the Connection to the Configuration Manager Database

    Use the option Credentials are not required in the Report Server Properties: Data Source Authentication Tab for testing purposes only. This setting is not recommended for a production environment.

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