The following checklist for Configuration Manager 2007 reporting provides information about the reporting requirements, planning and security, the steps necessary to configure the components required by reporting, managing reports and dashboards, and troubleshooting common issues.

Step Reference

Review the Configuration Manager 2007 reporting concepts and prerequisites.

Reporting in Configuration Manager

Prerequisites for Reporting

Review the security and privacy best practices information about reporting.

Reporting Security Best Practices

Create the reporting point site system role on one or more computers.

How to Create a Reporting Point

Manage the Configuration Manager reports, which includes running a report, creating new reports, modifying SQL statements that are used in a report, and so on.

How to Run a Report

How to Create a Report

How to Modify Report Properties

Manage the Configuration Manager dashboards, which includes running a dashboard, creating new dashboards, adding reports to dashboards, and modifying the properties for a dashboard.

How to Create a Dashboard

How to Run a Dashboard

How to Add Reports to a Dashboard

How to Modify Dashboard Properties

Troubleshoot reporting issues.

Troubleshooting Reporting

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