You can update a boot image by adding device drivers to it or editing its properties. Device drivers that you add to an existing boot image must be imported and enabled in the driver catalog. Updating the boot image does not change the associated package that the boot image references.

Any changes made to the Images tab of the boot image properties dialog will also update the source image. Changes made on the other boot image tabs will not change the source image.

Use the following procedure to update an existing boot image.

To update a boot image

  1. In the Configuration Manager console, navigate to System Center Configuration Manager / Site Database / Computer Management / Operating System Deployment / Boot Images.

  2. To view the properties of the boot image you want to update, right-click the boot image, and then click Properties. Alternatively, in the Actions pane, you can click Properties.

  3. To change the name, version, or to add a comment, click the General tab and type in the new information.

  4. To update the property values on the source image, click the Image tab.

  5. On the Image tab, select the image property you want to update and type in the new information in the Value column. If you used an external tool to update the image properties, click Reload to reload the image properties from the source image.

    You will lose image property changes if you click Reload, because that will reload the image properties from the source image.
  6. To add a network device driver or mass storage device driver to a Windows PE image, click the Windows PE tab, and then click the New icon to open the Select a Driver dialog box.

    Modifications to boot image properties made on the Windows PE tab, such as adding drivers or enabling command support, are not automatically updated during scheduled distribution point updates. To update the boot image on distribution points, either click Yes in the Distribution Point Update Required dialog box to update distribution points immediately or manually update the distribution points by right-clicking the boot image and clicking Update Distribution Points.
  7. Select the device driver from the Drivers window, and then click OK.

  8. Click the Data Source tab to schedule the distribution point updates. The updated images must be replicated to the distribution point for computers to install them. You can also change the source directory by selecting the image you want to use.

    You can update distribution points with only the new information by selecting Enable binary differential updates. Enabling binary differential updates will replicate only the changed file information to the distribution point.

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